Sun Apr 22 06:22:46 2018

Season 4 Helper Applications Now Available!

Ready Steady Pan is looking for awesome people to help organize season 4.

We are currently looking for help with:
-Match disputes
-General player questions/concerns
-Server setup/knowledge

Be sure to be logged into before applying.
If we want to discuss season 4 with you further, then we will contact you via discord.

Thank you for your interest in Ready Steady Pan!

Sun Jan 28 17:28:16 2018

Season 3 Conclusion Post

Art by HeroArt110

picture by HeroArt110

We'd like to thank everyone for participating and congratulate players on their placements in Season 3.
Meet the finalists - a honorable army of 9 teams wielding pans and a strong desire for victory!


  1. :B1:
  2. opi eSports v5.0
  3. Eats, Pans and leaves


  1. The Silence of the Pans
  2. Ye paN
  3. Anime Is Bad eSports


  1. Texas Cheese Fries
  2. huge dinosaur attacks japan
  3. The Knights of Nye

If you missed the finals, you can always check out the stream VODs (generously provided by KritzKast,, Sir and Lady Stranger) by clicking on the region name in the table above.

Thanks to everyone who helped in making this season a reality. We almost died, yet came back from the dead after the first Season 3 announcement. And now we are all set for the future seasons. We have a lot of pans, including expanding to the South America region, and we need your help to make Ready Steady Pan a better league.
Feel like there is something that should be changed? Share your impressions and give feedback? We made a survey that covers most of the controversial points of the league.

Throughout 11 weeks we had:

  • 1740 users registered
  • 192 teams created
  • 461 matches played
  • 1337 match comms submitted (awesome!)
  • 80 finalists
  • 262 playoffs participants

But wait, what about the medals? Yes, we know, it’s been a while since the end of the season and you all want those green backpack icons, right?
We want to give all those 906 medals away as much as you want to have them. But right now we have to hold the distribution until the next TF2 patch comes out. As soon as the patch is there, be ready to receive a medal.

As always, stay tuned for the future news in our Discord server.

~The Ready Steady Pan team

Thu Jan 4 19:04:05 2018

Season 3 Finals and Medal Information

The finals are finally here! Congratulations to the finalists and everyone that played in the playoffs. Each region will be casted on January 6th at 9:30PM (UTC for EU, EST for NA, and AEDT for AU).
A pick/ban system for the maps being played will be used:
We pick three maps, then each team picks one map each from the regular season. Each team will need to ban one out of the five maps chosen which will end in three.

The maps chosen by us are:

  1. koth_product_rc8
  2. koth_stallone_b2
  3. koth_airfield_b7

There are currently 3 different medals available for players depending on their placements in the season.
Finalist Fryer:
Pantastic Playoffs Champ:
Rewards will be given soon after the finals have concluded.

We're going to be testing non cp/koth gamemodes for season 4, as well as editing most of the rules based on feedback so Season 4 is not going to be for a while. There will be an announcement once we're able to give more information.
If you're interested in playing in the off-season, we have a pug group that we're going to be using to test maps:

You can see the map schedule here
If you need help or have any questions regarding the league, you can check out our help articles or contact us in the #help channel in our Discord server.

In case you're worried about missing announcements, we made a twitter to also mirror our blog posts:

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