Mon Oct 1 16:54:36 2018

Lower bracket round 5, AU and SA Grand Finals

image by the mighty 200

The last tiny step for NA and EU. A clash of SA and AU titans.
Please pay attention to your match notices.
Top teams from EU and NA will still have to wait until the next week because of the Tip of The Hats weekends break.

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Thu Sep 27 16:06:31 2018

Lower bracket round 4

image by the mighty 200

A new playoff round is here... for lower bracket participants!
This may be your last chance to climb to the upper bracket and face undefeated teams.

Semifinalists still have their time until Saturday 29th.

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Mon Sep 24 02:24:56 2018

Lower bracket round 3 and semifinals

image by the mighty 200

Congratulations to all the teams that made it this far!

Lower bracket round 3 and semifinals have been generated for all the regions.

Top AU and SA teams directly qualify for the Grand Finals.

Please notice, if you are currently in NA or EU lower bracket, you have to play your match until Wednesday. Semifinalists from all regions have a whole week to schedule and play their matches. Check your match notice for your times and deadlines.

NA brackets | EU brackets

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