Name originates from one of my favourite (if not the most favourite) game series, Persona.
If you want to talk, join, whatever, your best bet is probably trough discord. My tag is Apollo#6565.
No big requirements to join the team, just don't be an asshole, a toxic guy or a scammer. Oh, and prefferably European so we can all train and play at acessible times.

Player Pool

Past Rosters
Pansona placed 35th in European Division for Season 5
Home Team vs Away Team
Week 1 Pansona
0 : 3
The Fearless Spartans Match Page
Week 2 hos utcai fiuk Home forfeit Pansona Match Page
Week 3 Pansona
1 : 3
Winds Of Redsun Match Page
Week 4 Pansona Home forfeit Lack Of Hue Match Page
Week 5 Kastovia national MGE team
3 : 1
Pansona Match Page
3 : 1
Pansona Match Page
Week 7 Pansona Away forfeit The Hub Match Page
Week 8 Pansona Away forfeit DJANI KREV Match Page
Transfer History: