The following is an extremely simplified version of the rules found on this Google Doc. If you are very concerned about the rules or want to take a look at them, you are free to check that out, but this will suffice for most.

  1. Classlimits
    • 2 Scouts
    • 2 Soldiers
    • 2 Pyros
    • 2 Demomen
    • 0 Heavies
    • 0 Engineers
    • 0 Medics
    • 1 Sniper
    • 0 Spies
  2. Rosters
    1. You should have six players (the "core" team). You should have more, up to nine, to play as substitutes. If you are desperate, you may play with five, but no fewer.

    2. "Ringers", "mercs" or non-rostered players are allowed on approval of the other team. If a team rejects a non-rostered player, an admin may intervene and allow them if they are deemed similar in skill.

    3. Two non rostered players maximum per game. As a side note, if you are not rostered in Ready Steady Pan and you play a full season, you are not eligible for any rewards, if applicable.

  3. Allowed Weapons
    • Bonk! Atomic Punch
    • Crit-a-Cola
    • Mad Milk
    • Rocket Jumper
    • Sticky Jumper
    • Gunboats
    • Ali Baba's Wee Booties
    • Jarate
    • Razorback
    • Darwin's Danger Shield
    • Machina
      • To prevent accidental discharge of the primary weapon. Not allowed if the plugin is active.
    • Reskins of the above
    • Frying Pan
  4. Tournament Structure
    1. We use a Swiss-like system (maybe more similar to King-of-the-Hill) for the preseason and regular season.

    2. There is one preseason game that determine's a team's pre-seeded position in the scoreboard.

    3. The total number of regular season games is calculated by the following (A is number of NA teams, B is number of EU teams, C is number of AUNZ teams):

    4. Rounds number algorithm
    5. Playoffs is top 16 double elimination, and will run for five weeks. The finals and lower bracket finals are best of three.

  5. Ping and Region
    1. If the Away team in any match has greater than 70 ms of ping difference before a match (provided at least five players are present), the Away team may request a server change. If there are still ping issues, an admin may either present both teams with a server, or both teams must play on the original Home server.

    2. If any individual player has more than 150 ping “constantly”, that player must leave the server and should be replaced with another player. Heavy penalties apply on repeated offences.

    3. Matches taking place in a regional division must be played on a server in that region. These rules are still subject to the ping rules.

  6. Conduct
    1. All conduct rules apply to match comms, in-game communication, public Discord chat (on the RSP Discord, but not voice comms without recorded evidence), and our Steam group.

    2. Don't be a dick. Try to be a good sport. Never get personal.

    3. We can only cast games with clean aliases, no fakenicking, and no unsavoury chat in-game. Though conduct may not be bannable, it can result in your game not being casted.

    4. Swearing, spamming (including binds), and trash-talk goes under the same rule: excessive is a ban, reasonable is not. If you are reported, it is admin discretion what is not reasonable.

  7. Playing Matches
    1. Stopwatch matches will not appear in Season 3.

    2. King of the Hill maps are won by the team to capture 3 points first.

    3. 5CP/push maps are won by the team to capture the most points when the timer runs out or the first to three rounds. If the scores are even at the end of the time limit, an infinite sudden death plays out. The winner is then the last team (member) standing, or the team to capture the last point (golden cap).

    4. We will only accept Match Comms as official record; please use them to record time, place, and any issues.

    5. Use our website's resources to stay up to date with the competition.

    6. The winning team should report the score. Proof that a team has done everything possible to contact the opposing team is required on forfeit wins.

    7. You must be able to provide logs and STV. PREC is no longer necessary.

    8. Make reports, disputes, etc in a timely manner. 48 hours and a default will be called.

  8. Rewards
    1. Are you eligible for any rewards? If you:

      1. were rostered on the same team for six weeks during the season;
      2. aren't banned at the end of the season;

      ...then you qualify for any rewards. However, if you have bans or infractions, you will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  9. Cheating
    1. Cheating is a permanent ban. History of cheating in Source games is also a permanent ban.

    2. Map exploits are allowed as long as they are "well known." In general, they are allowed if they do not favour one "side" of a map over the other.

  10. Infractions
    1. Any staff member can give any player an infraction.

      • One infraction is a warning.
      • Two infractions is a kick from your team. You may manually join your team again but must request a password from your team leader.
      • Three infractions is a season ban.
      • Four infractions is a permaban.