Mon Sep 17 01:20:02 2018

Season 4 Playoffs Round 2

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The playoffs round 2 is now live!
Be sure to play your matches before the deadline, which is September 19th, Wednesday, 10:30 PM local time
This week you will be facing two opponents.

Teams that lost in the first round proceed to the lower bracket, where they have one more chance to advance.

NA brackets | EU brackets

Sat Sep 8 19:24:27 2018

Season 4 Playoffs Round 1

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Howdy folks,
Congratulations to the teams that have made it this far! As the regular season is now over, playoffs start this week. Playoffs this season will be double elimination, best of 3. Each team in the playoffs will be scheduled against 2 opponents, if you get 2 losses, you’re out! Wednesday and Saturday are default match days for playoffs, but matches can be played in any reasonable amount of time before the default day (which means that for your first game the deadline is Wednesday).

The playoffs consist of the top 16 teams in both NA and EU.

NA brackets | EU brackets

You can start scheduling your matches now so you'll have a little bit of extra time for your first playoffs match. The default times for playoffs matches will be Wednesday and Saturday, 9:30 PM CEST/ EST.
Please read your match notices carefully, this time we're introducing our players to the pick/ban system, we're sure a lot of panners are already familiar with this one, but please, take a look!

As for the South American and Australian teams - don't be upset, you are free from your duties, except for the top 4 teams that will be facing each other in page playoffs on Friday. Take a break for now, you have deserved it.
(Yes, SA and AU playoffs will occur!)

Let it begin!

Mon Aug 27 04:45:22 2018

Season 4 Week 8: Alamo


Welcome to week 8, the final week of the regular season before playoffs! Be sure to look over your match notice for information about match scoring. You can download Alamo on the map schedule page.

A word on playoffs: There will be four weeks of double elimination playoff matches, with two matches played per week (For SA: two weeks, with one match per week) at the end of which will give us our finalist contenders! The top 6 for teams for SA, and the top 16 teams for NA and EU, will be advancing to playoffs (there will only be finals for AU/NZ)

You can see the map schedule here If you need help or have any questions regarding the league, you can check out our help articles or contact us in the #help channel in our Discord server.

In case you're worried about missing announcements, we made a twitter to also mirror our blog posts:

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