Season 3 : European teams

Runner Up: P A H A N B O Y S vs Anime Is Bad eSports

Match Comms

miknando: apparently we got a pan game tomorrow
miknando: what time works for you
Pahan: 21/22 cye
Pahan: cet
miknando: Ok lets do 22, i can post when online

A pick/ban system for the maps being played will be used:
We pick three maps, then each team picks one map each from the regular season. Each team will need to ban one out of the five maps chosen which will end in three.

The maps chosen by us are:

16.21 - Pahan: i don't really understand this system

16.31 - Pahan: league gave us 3 maps. Our team picks 1 map from season and your team picks 1 map from season. In total we got 5 maps. After all that we banning 1 map and your team banning 1 map and we got 3 maps to play
17.23 - miknando: oh i see
22.58 - miknando: so what maps
22.58 - Pahan: so we got product stallone and airfield by league
22.58 - Pahan: our team pick trainsawlaser
23.00 - miknando: we pick gullywash
23.01 - Pahan: now we ban
23.03 - miknando: we ban airfield
23.03 - Pahan: we ban stallone