Season 3 : European teams

Grand Finals: Ye paN vs The Silence of the Pans

Match Comms

21:24 - AustinN: We Pick the one and only Trainsawlaser
21:24 - meme man: TY FOR PICKING THE BEST MAP
21:24 - AustinN: U gotta for a srs gf aint ya
21:24 - meme man: XD
21:25 - meme man: uh well ngl we were gonna pick trainsawlaser since its lowkey our best map
21:25 - AustinN: XD
21:25 - meme man: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
21:26 - meme man: well since we haven't ever played gully pick warmfrost I guess
21:26 - meme man: and ban stallone
21:27 - meme man: shit
21:27 - meme man: sorry typo lmao
21:27 - meme man: I meant warmtic
21:27 - meme man: fucking map names
21:27 - AustinN: kk xd

21:27 - meme man: I hate my life
21:27 - AustinN: Well between product and airfield
21:28 - AustinN: Hmm tough choice
21:28 - AustinN: This is gonna to take a trip to the dc Official_and_stuff text channel to decide give me a momento
21:29 - meme man: ohshit.gif
21:29 - AustinN: Banning stansted
21:29 - AustinN: stansted airfield
21:29 - meme man: dont you mean gatwick
21:29 - AustinN: Heathrow

21:35 - meme man: so trainsawlaser, warmtic, product

hello yes this is a genuine extrasolar chatlog
we will play trainsawlaser, warmtic and product

also want to play saturday 19 utc as we've posted in discord but can do 21:30 utc with tired gamers if for some reason you dont want to move it


gg, really fun game :D

3-0 silence of the pans both maps combined logs

sorry forgot to say
get 0 lerp'd