Season 3 : European teams

Playoffs Match 2: The Silence of the Pans vs Memes Never Die

Match Comms

hello saturday 21:30 should be fine for us

The only day suitable for us is Friday, 11:30 cet though.

yeah there's no way we can get gamers in that late, sorry but default date is all we can do

far as I know we might only be able to do default time as well :/

yeah, friday 21:30 utc is definitely all we can do apart from saturday

Okay so that is 22:30 cet.. I will tell you in an hour if we can play.

Okay let's do 21:30 on Saturday, I will do my best to get people.

I've gone and got people organised for tonight already though, and we'll be down loads of players on saturday now

can you not get mercs?

You offered us to choose between Friday and Saturday, I chose Saturday and you tell me we have to play on Friday. Please ...

Apparently I misclicked, I meant to say "saturday maybe". Regardless default date is tonight and we can't do Saturday, just found out a short while ago that a lot of our players can't make it then. Sorry for any confusion.

I have contacted Admins to take care of what's supposed to happen next since I was convinced the ability to choose between both days and so I told my players we will make it on Saturday.

Because Saturday was agreed on, Saturday is when it will be played. Make sure your players are ready at your agreed time, and let me know if you have any issues.

connect; password 111

why are you posting connect strings in match comms which are visible to all users over an hour before games are due to start

you're also the away team btw

Enemy did not show up for the game.

Timezones are in UTC LMAO

Games are at 21:30 UTC

It's currently 20:46 UTC

The game was due to 21:30 CET and so we posted the connect at 21:30 CET. We are allowed to do that in match comms.

If you're gonna default hunt at least know the rules

I never stated 21:30 CET Saturday, you did

I said 21:30 Saturday with my original message which is what the admin argued was the agreement
The site's timezone is UTC

See you in 42 minutes

We are not default hunting, a huge of a misunderstanding occured as we were convinced that we've agreed on 21:30 CET and not UTC.


I shall post the connect shortly before the match is due to start

hello friends here is the connect string

connect; password BravelyDefault

and our mercs: yugo and cough


TheDerpySage: id call it only fair to allow a 3rd merc, considering we allowed home team to push back to UTC

An admin forced the Silence of the Pans to play on a day other than default when it was never agreed upon, then allowed a third merc for Memes Never Die because Silence of the Pans were following the rules?

To me it seems like this match should be replayed on fair grounds, especially since Memes Never Die got carry mercs.

Also @TheDerpySage, you are a terrible admin, someone who lacks the capacity for rational thought such as yourself should never be in a situation where they make decisions that impact anything, even a fun free league such as this one.

22:19 - TheDerpySage | ill bite V!s probably wasnt paying attention to you saying UTC, and you had leverage on UTC since it is the reigons default.

Seeing as V!s originally said 22:30 CET, then corrected himself to 21:30, it seems to me like he was correcting himself to UTC seeing as that was what the Home team leader was clearly working in.

Could this case be taken over by an admin that is capable of rational thought and understanding plain English please?

"You know, it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of ScrambledAmmo is not in charge of the law in our league" - Derpy Clinton


I will directly copy paste what I went with to admins: "So they offered us Saturday 21:30 cet (typed CET due to a habit, was completely aware you offered us in UTC) first, at the time we could only play on Friday 11:30 since we were missing 3 players on Saturday and 3 before 11:30 on Friday. 2 quick messages on their end offered us the opportunity to choose between default time and Saturday, I replied within less than an hour that we'd choose Saturday since I was able to gather a 4th player on that day. Ended up they decided to play on Friday without waiting for me to answer so my hands are tied now."
I supported my arguments with screenshots of the match comms page and a link to the actual match comms.
When I was discussing the time, I clearly said "So that is 22:30 CET (...) Okay let's do 21:30 on Saturday"

Yes, it would only be natural for you to assume I was talking about UTC as that's what the times are converted in here.
The misunderstanding occurred, and there is no right nor wrong side of the coin. Because of all this, I kindly asked if I would be allowed to use a 3rd merc, since my 4th player was only available at 21:30 CET - 22. Under the circumstances and all the confusion, the admin (TheDerpySage, who was bothered with all the drama around) allowed me a third merc.
Calling them carries is not related to the topic (and you are still wrong, as the players that were missing are also prem, also top dm had a player roster ed on the team as well). The game has been played, you tried to default hunt unsuccessfuly, can't you just be good sports about it as we are

Please explain how scrambled is attempting to default hunt

Umbra - Today at 01:38
Will your roster be able to play on Wednesday at the default time?

yes we can play on wednesday 21:30 UTC, how about you gents

We can play 19 CET

I had no idea 19 CET was the default time in this league

To clarify: lmao there's no way we can play that early

You definitely don't want me to speak with your tone, so refrain from inconstructive sarcasm and be serious. We can play the default time.

ok 21:30 utc wednesday it is, see you then friends

connect; password thespyfrommihigh