Season 3 : North American teams

Playoffs Match 1: The Knights of Nye vs Pann Vs. Machine

Match Comms

We would like to play monday or tuesday night at 9:30 est if possible

sent a friend request on steam to discuss.

Wednesday 9:30 would be ideal but I’ll see what I can do tommorow

cant do wednesday sorry

sorry I don’t think either of those days work for us. I’ll have players on Wednesday however at 9:30 for default time

just to clarify as i asked the admins about this in the pan discord, if you don't show up it would be a forfeit on your end. my team really couldn't make mon+tues due to exams so as long as you get 4 ppl on your roster you're fine for the match ill allow any ringers

"if no agreed time was made, the default time for playoffs match one is tonight
as long as you got all your players at the ready and they dont contact you or any other player on your team at time, its on them"

once again just to clarify the rules. i'll be online on steam and if i'm not just do @spirit on the pan discord. thanks

7:21 PM - kerpkek but he's festive: Yo, I'm gonna have my co-captain add you on steam and he's gonna be taking over for me tonight

7:32 PM - spirit: just to clairfy what he told me
7:32 PM - Snowman713: high stakes
7:32 PM - spirit: he is going to be hosting via serveme in chicago and we will be playing 2day at 9;30 pm est
7:33 PM - Snowman713: indeedy

7:24 PM - spirit: so i was just wondering if you guys could host
7:24 PM - kerpkek but he's festive: Sure, I can book a server

(they are hosting)

Just confirming that this is all correct ^

I'm not able to play tonight, so I reserved a server and my co-captain is handling the rest

9:38 PM - spirit: blu cheese is ringing
9:38 PM - spirit: that cool?
9:38 PM - Scott713: we dont mind ringers at all

confirmed that. good luck in the playoffs lads

was fun, gg