Season 3 : North American teams

Week 7: Ze Quack Attack vs we exist guys

Match Comms

I added team captain on Steam just now. Looking forward to the match.

Accepted add, waiting for Carl to get online to discuss times for match. Also added Diamond, need an accept from him.

What's your Discord name? I can get on that at work, occasionally.

My team is voting on Friday night at 9:30 eastern if that works for you guys too.

We dont have a discord. And I'll see if we can do that time. Check back here regularly for updates.
Edit: Oh you mean my name specifically: KingDemomidas#3622.

Do you all have a server that we can use for the match that supports logs? We have a server we can use as a backup, but currently logs are broken on it.

And yes we can make that time. See y'all then

Yeah we have a server we've been using, we've been the home team for the last 6 matches. See you Friday!

Score's posted, Joekiller will post logs link

Sorry I screwed up the demo link. Here is the correct one: