Season 3 : North American teams

Week 7: The Frylander vs Fast Fryward

Match Comms

hello, can we play 9:30pm est Friday?

10:30 saturday would work better for us

a lot of our players are missing, can we schedule it to tuesday 8:30-930 est?

if you can't thats fine, we can stick to saturday

connect; password highpinggahhhh
We're waiting in the server for the match

The other team leader suggested we play on saturday, 10:30 est. I sent connect info and we were fine with the time. We waited 35 minutes in the server and the other team has not showed up yet:

I tried adding the team leader and several other players from their team and still no response.

To prove that we have been in the server for this long I wanted to send an other screenshot with the time. I tried screen shotting with the steam overlay on but it wasn't showing up. I had to take one on my phone : . I'm in the central time zone