Season 3 : European teams

Week 7: P A H A N B O Y S vs The Silence of the Pans

Match Comms

hello friends can you do friday 21:30 utc

bees: aight, lemme check with people
bees: friday 21 or 22 should be fine for us
western main: let's do 22
western main: or whait
western main: 21:30
western main: is it fine for you?
bees: 22 would be better
western main: bit later for us, we got +2 in our regoin
western main: region*
bees: ok 21:30

23:27 - western main: connect; password 123401
23:29 - bees теперь имеет статус «Нет на месте».
23:44 - western main: are you coming?
23:45 - western main: guys?

bees throwing???????

No idea what's happening, haven't had internet since before December and won't have it again until like 2 weeks from now, bees was supposed to sort this out but alright