Season 3 : North American teams

Week 5: The Frylander vs Texas Cheese Fries

Match Comms

when do u guys wanna play

Sunday at 930 est? Does that work with you

were trying to avoid highlander being interrupted, our team is in placements

can we please play tomororw

i really wwant to play please

would really like to avoid sat/sun/mon 830/930est
if we lose hl tomorrow then we can do sun/mon 830/930est
any other time i think we can accommodate, my teammates permitting

maybe if 6 other ppl on my team can play during an hl time then I'll just sit out and we can do an hl time

Sorry for not getting around to respond to match comms, can we do sunday 730 est?

that should be fine, thanks for working with us

I know this is last second, but one of our players realized that they have a tfcl match and one several other players said they couldn't last second as well. Is there a chance we can move the match to this monday, 730 est?

scratch that, we can play at the original time we agreed on. Sorry for confusing you

^he is dumb

gg, here are the logs