Season 3 : AU/NZ teams

Week 4: Fetus can beat us vs chikuwa

Match Comms

sat 8pm?

what time zone?

we can play from friday 8pm to 10pm gmt+9 which is our best option. if you can play there that would be great.

correction available on friday 9pm to 10pm gmt+9

we can also play from 9pm to 11pm saturday gmt+9

11:38 AM - alt: so 11 pm for us is 9 pm for you
11:38 AM - hyuri#1403: well its fine and can you play? round the time i metioned
11:39 AM - hyuri#1403: around*
11:39 AM - alt: yeh we should be fine might need a merc for a guy thats about it
11:39 AM - alt: so 9pm tomorrow and 11pm for us
11:40 AM - hyuri#1403: sure