Season 3 : North American teams

Week 3: we exist guys vs Scrap Panners

Match Comms

Hello, we will try to come up with a time that works for both of our teams. I hope we can come to an agreed time quickly.

Yeah. Me too. We're probably availible on Friday, 7:00 - 10:00 EST and Saturday, at somewhere in the afternoon. Let us know what times work for your team.

9PM EST works for our team, please respond if that works for yours. Thank you,

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. I'll assume this is 9PM on Friday? I'll check up with my team and get back to you if we're able to make it that day.

Never thought id be against other scrap people, salutations nonetheless ^-^)/

9PM on Friday is correct, we will already reserve a spot for our match if you accept the time.

Yeah, as far as I'm concerned it seems to be all good. And hey there Axie! I'm really the only person here, I've only made like 8 raffles

Holaaaa! Yeah I dont recognise you, but good to see you anyways :o We'll gather up and be ready at 9PM, good luck and have fun!

Hey guys, you over there? Now's when we're playing right?