Season 3 : North American teams

Week 3: ❽❽❽❽❽❽❽❽❽❽❽ vs Settlers of Panto

Match Comms

Our open times for playing are Wednesday at 8:30 and 9:30 EST and Thursday 7:30 EST. I can negotiate some other times if need be, but I'd much rather play at one of these three times. Thanks :]

Will ask, will let you know

We are good to go to play on Wednesday 930 est. You guys are hosting, we might need a last minute ringer I can send you ugc info if it matters. But we are good to go and play Wednesday!

No need to send UGC. Will host and put connect info into Match Comms at 9:15, thanks!

kk ty

Waiting for info we have our 6 players ready

Will take a second for info, apologies.

connect; password bebop

good game, very very nice players who had good sport is man ship.

GG Logs to the match we played till 4 for fun, but SoP won 3-0