Season 3 : North American teams

Week 1: we exist guys vs Pann Vs. Machine

Match Comms

Anyone want to discuss times?

Most of our team is good on weeknights after 8:30 pm est. If I throw out Thursday night at 9 pm est, does that work?

I'd assume that everyone will be able to play on the weekend, maybe saturday 9-11pm?

We're using a google doc to consolidate our team's schedules, I will update here hopefully with two or three possible times.

Ok we would like to propose the following:

Thursday night 8pm est or later.
Friday night 8 pm est or later.
Saturday afternoon at around 5 pm est or earlier.


Everything is happening in Discord, but to update this thread, we've narrowed it down to Friday night at 9 PM EST or Saturday at 5 PM EST.

9:30 PM EST is the time

GG, game is hard