Season 5: North American Division

Week 7: Pan Militia Elite vs B4ttr

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

7:30 est friday?

we prefer that or 8:30 est

if not, 9:30 est but we got to use subs


connect; password pan

other team did not show

It's not even 9:30est, please don't claim forfeit win when there's still a game to play

likewise, being indefinitely unresponsive until Saturday is in poor taste, we're playing the game at 9:30

adding captains on the other team to communicate, currently setting up our own server, will have the address added to the match comms once they're available

connect;password dinner

putting here just in case

The default Time is 9:30 est Friday. You Did not show. And you asked for Friday in your first post. You lost.

players are in the server waiting

specific date wasn't communicated from your end, so this was unclear to us

no one had reached out regarding this either so we were completely unaware

currently 6 players waiting in server

currently speaking with The Pan of Doom

This match is being marked as a Mutual Forfeit due to there being no response in match comms until Saturday, which is past the Away team's proposal as well as default time