Season 5: European Division

Week 5: Lack Of Hue vs Pans Anonymous

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

Saturday 15:30 CET is ok?

Is friday not possible?

No, sorry

Bruh idk if my entire team will be available on Saturday

We really hope you can play today ;)

U didnt post IP for us

So as we know you either forfeit or we do it tomorrow

I request to add in steam...

Also you say nothing. You can say "yes we play today" or "no we ain't play today" but no, only quiet. Our time is passed, you are not accept my request in steam and doesn't come to game.

You supposed to post IP address and password here

You are supposed to sayed that you can play. But you dont.

we said we probably cant, instead of u trying to re organise or change date as u said "we really hope u can play today" u didnt offer us any other time and when we were ready u didnt show so we presumed u either forgot or forfeit, i even got a merc out to cover

I request to you to add me in steam, but you ain't do this, and you aint said that you can play, i'm not a fucking all-seeing man, i can't know CAN you play OR NOT.