Season 5: European Division

Week 4: The Silence of the Pans vs Pans Anonymous

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

friday 21?

Pardon my french but we are fucked

Also wdym friday 21? Friday 21 cet? 9 pm cet


Okay. I'll run it by my team

Seems okay

Never mind can we do saturday 9pm cet

Fuck it. Friday time. Friend who couldn't do it just said go with friday

great, cu tonight 21

connect; password tinkertailorsoldierTHESPY!!!!1!

Opens at 20:50 cet

Use of banned weapon has been reported

yahoo didn’t have a pan lmao, rules clearly state that stock is fine if you don’t have pan but using pan is encouraged for the league :)

both weapons are functionally the same but have different sounds

tl;dr: cry some more - zarya from overwatch 2