Season 5: North American Division

Week 3: Sus vs Drying Pan

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

Heya! A good time for us would be on Friday at 10:30 pm est. How does that work?

That will work! That will give us time to get ready for our match! But sadly I won’t be available on this Saturday due to reasons to but Friday is fine!

Alright, just leave the connect info here when you have it!

But the issue is. We don’t have a server to provide since none of us don’t run any. Could you send us the Info?

Y'all are the home team, which means you guys are supposed to provide. I mean, you can try to reserve one at

One of our teammates is unable to play due to reasons. We can reschedule the match to Saturday since my little thing is going to be done in the morning so at around 7:45 or 8:30 PM EST we’ll begin.

Wait we got a sub.


Nvm let’s reschedule this tomorrow. There’s too much people being unable currently. Is that fine with you?

Are you down two people? You can have up to two non-rostered ringers. You also can play with 5 people. IDK if we can play Saturday.

Most of them are offline so. We gotta chose a different date.

I mean we are all here ready to play, and we decided this on when we could all play this week. We can not play on Saturday and it is past the time we decided on. Lets play or forfeit.

I'm marking this as Home Team Forfeit since the Away Team was able to play on default day