Season 5: North American Division

Week 3: Ear Destructors vs doot doot pan

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

How does a match today sound?

or any day this week...


Match is at 2:00 PM EST Saturday. My team is okay with the time and date.

So one of our teammates, Spac3ss, will not be able to be there for the scheduled time, as I was just told. I dont know if caffeine told you guys but we agreed that someone on Eardestructors will sit out, giving us a 5v5. (Note that another teammate, Borb, who couldnt show up was already covered by our only sub, Commander. Another teammate that couldnt be covered told me they cant make it)

On a side note, you can add subs from outside your team

Match time changed from 2 PM EST to 3 PM EST. Sorry for the confusion...