Season 5: European Division

Week 2: nupass vs Pans Anonymous

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

May have to delay game to saturday due to some of my team being unable to do friday

And my team is some-what unable to play in Saturday.

Dont worry. We all set now. We can play friday. 9 CET? (8 bst)

That's too early, some of my teammates will be asleep at this time. 18 CET sounds good to most of us.

I meant 9pm cet. If that's your bedtime then jheeze

I'll run 6pm past my team

9PM CET is too late for some of us, so as I said, 18 CET sounds good to most of us.

18 CET will work for my team too. Although give it a window of around 18-18:30 cet tho for joining. Who's hosting

Not sure, maybe you should host since im a really dumb person and the worst captain ever haha

Okay I'll try to. I'm on holiday rn so I can do it but it may be hard

I'm setting it up will post up in a sec

connect; password PAN.TFLMAO

Copy and paste it into ur console and u will connect. Server is up unil 18:49 cet