Season 4: European teams

Week 5: unexist vs Steamed Pans

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday
Match Comms

We'd like to play on default day (most of our mains die on saturday) and time (Friday 21:30 CEST) and also would like to host the game on our server.

e: I'll add up one of the captains if i wont receive an answer here within 24hrs.

Friday 21:30 CEST is also good for us so we can play ^^

great! Do you guys want to host or can we host the game? :D

You said you would like to host a server but if that's a problem we can host too. :D

alright, we'll be hosting a server then ^^

Will be using ZGD as a merc.

Will be using Tercio as a 2nd merc. Three of our subs died, one work, second died and third one offi at 21.

Won 3-0 for the away team (us).
GG, good luck in the rest of the season.