Map Schedules

Please note that these maps aren't set until the end of the registration period. The length of the regular season depends on the maximum number of teams registered in each regional division. If it is less than 128 teams, we will shorten the season.

Week Map(s)
Preseason Week 1 (June 25-30) pl_tapline_b5
Preseason Week 2 (July 2-7) koth_highpass
Week 1 (July 9-14) koth_stallone_b2
Week 2 (July 16-21) cp_powerhouse
Week 3 (July 23-28) koth_trainsawlaser_pro_rc1
Week 4 (July 30-August 4) cp_warmfrost_rc1
Week 5 (August 6-11) koth_product_rc9
Week 6 (August 13-18) cp_depankeep
Week 7 (August 20-25) koth_ashville_rc1
Week 8 (August 27-September 1) cp_alamo
Playoffs (TBA) TBA
Grand Final (TBA) TBA

Map downloads provided by, FakkelBrigade (NA/EU), and Qixalite (AU).

Map Download Link
pl_tapline_b5 Download from TF2Maps

Official Map

koth_stallone_b2 Download from FakkelBrigade

Official Map

koth_trainsawlaser_pro_rc1 Download from FakkelBrigade
cp_warmfrost_rc1 Download from FakkelBrigade
koth_product_rc9 Download from FakkelBrigade

Coming Soon!

koth_ashville_rc1 Download from FakkelBrigade
cp_alamo Download from FakkelBrigade