Map Schedules

Please note that these maps aren't set until the end of the registration period. The length of the regular season depends on the maximum number of teams registered in each regional divison. If it is less than 128 teams, we will shorten the season.

Preseason Weekcp_process_final
Week 1koth_warmtic_rc4
Week 2cp_gullywash_final1
Week 3koth_stallone_b2
Week 4koth_trainsawlaser_pro_rc1
Week 5cp_warmfrost_rc1
Week 6koth_airfield_b7
Week 7koth_product_rc8
Playoffs Round 1koth_trainsawlaser_pro_rc1
Playoffs Lower Bracket Round 1koth_product_rc8
Playoffs Round 2koth_product_rc8
Playoffs Lower Bracket Round 2koth_product_rc8
Playoffs Round 3cp_warmfrost_rc1
Playoffs Lower Bracket Round 3cp_warmfrost_rc1
Playoffs Week Round 4koth_stallone_b2
Lower Bracket Semifinalskoth_stallone_b2
Lower Bracket FinalsThree maps from Regular Season
SemifinalsOne of Semifinals Group
Grand FinalThree maps from Regular Season
Grand Final (if undefeated team loses)???

cp_process_final, koth_lakeside_final, or cp_warmfrost_rc1. Home team vetos first, then the Away team. Map played is the last remaining map.

MapDownload Link
cp_process_finalOfficial Map
cp_gullywash_final1Official Map
koth_warmtic_b6Download from FakkelBriage
koth_stallone_b2Download from FakkelBriage
koth_trainsawlaser_pro_rc1Download from TF2Maps
cp_warmfrost_rc1Download from FakkelBriage
koth_airfield_b7Download from GameBanana
koth_product_rc8Download from FakkelBriage