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Server Providers

We are thankful to have these generous server hosts and providers to help our teams and players schedule matches. Without the support of these sponsors and donators, we would expect at least half of our teams to own their own personal servers. Our main sponsor is, a fantastic service operating in Australia, Europe, and North America that provides the ability to rent completely configured TF2 servers. is completely free, with a premium model for priority support and services should you want it! For our Australian users we also partner with Qixalite, another free server booking service. Qixalite also provide an AU mirrors for our map downloads. Qixalite

Other Competitive Leagues

Ready Steady Pan didn't just come from nothing. Competitive Team Fortress 2 has been around for quite some time before matchmaking was introduced. In fact, Season 2 of Ready Steady Pan took place three years ago! We have the following leagues to thank for their continuous effort:

UGC League Ozfortress ETF2L

Ready Steady Pan

Here are all of our official links. Seems like we're a fairly popular league! We'd love your input in getting our name out there, and for spreading competitive Team Fortress 2 in general. Here are a few of the wiki pages and official mentions for Ready Steady Pan:

Discord Steam wiki

TF2 Communities

There are a great number of websites to visit if you're interested in competitive Team Fortress 2. Here are just a few of our favorites; if you think there are some that are really valuable that we missed, please contact us!

truetf2 subreddit