Season 5 Playoffs Info

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Playoffs will be optional again this season, if you'd like to drop out of playoffs you will still receive a participant medal at the end of the season. You can drop out by letting us know in the #help channel in the Discord.
Starting on January 6th there will be two matches a week for top 8 for NA/EU, top 6 for SA, top 4 for AU/NZ with double elimination meaning if your team loses twice, you're out. This also means that rosters will be locked at the start of playoffs so make sure your team is ready to go. We want to emphasize the use of the pan in playoffs, anyone not using the pan will be given an individual infraction. Up to 2 mercs are allowed but need to be approved by the other team. Any rule breaking will give the team captain an infraction for not telling the mercs the rules during matches, this includes mercs not using the frying pan.

-There will be a break for Christmas
-Double elim
-Two matches a week starting January 6th
-Playoffs is optional. Any forfeits at this point will not have your team disbanded
-Rosters will be locked after week 8
-Top 8 for NA/EU, top 6 for SA, top 4 for AU/NZ


Would be great if you dropped out the team called "roflteam" that is clearly full of cheaters so you could let the best players actually get that 1st place (aka the prems and Odin's team) because they deserve it. You can't let some cheaters take that first spot while closing your eyes on it.