Looking for good Pan People.

/ LFP: Looking For Player

I need people for the Pan Professionals. Help us become Pan overlords.

I request someone who isn't on a team. I would appreciate anyone who joins. Make sure you have a pan.

Hello i am looking for a team to join in for the pan event, i be glad to join in you're team.
add me if you want for communication during event

Well I currently don't have a team,so id be happy to join yours if youl have me...although I am new to RSP and this is the first season I've ever played so you might have to teach me some stuff :/.

I am located in Europe by the way.

hello, is it possible I could join? This is my first season but I am lacking a team. I am in NA, just so you know.

Okay,id like to join the team,i have a mic,and a pan,duh.

I would like to join, I'm new to RSP so I might not be professional. I'll try my best though.

May I join this team? I'm new to RSP, so I don't know everything about it.