Season 4 Signups are Here!

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Art by HeroArt110
Art by HeroArt110

Signups for Ready Steady Pan season 4 are finally open! We're very excited for all the frying pan action throughout the season, but one thing you may be asking yourself is "where do I signup?". The website is open for team and user registration over at, where you can also look for teams and players on the forums.
The signup date for teams starts on June 17th and ends on July 2nd, so be sure to get your teams ready for the ultimate pandemonium that is Ready Steady Pan!

-For old teams, it's as easy as verifying your teammates from last season and signing up again.
-For new teams, make sure you're logged in and create a new team.

NOTE: The preseason match starts during the week of the 25th.
Our forums and discord are the best places to look for players or find teams. Be sure to use the #LFP and #LFT channels/forum posts

If you want to connect with others participating in the season or want to get in contact with the many helpers that are volunteering, you can check out our discord server below.

And yes, we do have the medals!

After you log in, you can start a team here