Season 3 Week 7: Product

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Matches for week 7 are now ready! Be sure to check your team page and contact the opposing team about scheduling.

We will have an announcement about playoffs soon, so stay tuned!

The rules have been updated for week 7:

⦁ 7a: Teams are required to use website Match Comms, as well as team captains communicating through steam to find a match time that works for both of them. Teams must do all in their power to play on the default or agreed upon day, and submit scores by the deadline. In the event that the team captain or member with leader permissions is unavailable for communication prior to a match, teams are required to delegate that responsibility to a co-captain and make the enemy team aware of this via match comms so the correct players can be contacted.

Teams with 3 or more forfeit losses have been disbanded and will not recieve rewards at the end of the season. If your team was disbanded and you believe it was a mistake, please contact us in the #help channel in our Discord server.

Reminder: Be sure to contact the opposing team outside of match comms if they aren't responding on the match page. You can read about forfeits on the rules page under 7k.

In case you're worried about missing announcements, we made a twitter to also mirror our blog posts:

You can see the map schedule here
If you need help or have any questions regarding the league, you can check out our help articles or contact us in the #help channel in our Discord server.