Season 3 Week 4: Trainsawlaser

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Nothing like a good train pun to let off some steam!

Matches for week 4 are now ready! Be sure to check your team page and contact the opposing team about scheduling.

The rules have been updated for week 4:
⦁ 2b: "Ringers", "mercs" or non-rostered players are allowed without the need of approval from the other team. If any issues arise from non-rostered players such as discharge of a non legal weapon that hits a player, then the team captain will get an infraction.
⦁ 3: The use of banned weapons, including stock, may result in individual infractions to the players in question if any damage is dealt. This will be on a case by case basis depending on if the damage was intentional or not. Logs and demos will need to be provided for any action to take place about these disputes.
⦁ It is okay to be angry when dealing with a problem, however we will not tolerate constant disrespectful attitudes. After one warning, a strike will be issued if the disrespect continues. The staff are all volunteers, and while we will try our best to be helpful and calm, we request that you give us that same courtesy.

Reminder: Be sure to contact the opposing team outside of match comms if they aren't responding on the match page. You can read about forfeits on the rules page under 7k.

You can see the map schedule here
If you need help or have any questions regarding the league, you can check out our help articles or contact us in the #help channel in our Discord server.

In case you're worried about missing announcements, we made a twitter to also mirror our blog posts: