Season 3 Week 2: Gullywash

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Matches for week 2 are now ready! Be sure to check your team page and contact the opposing team about scheduling.

The rules have been updated for week 2:
⦁ The default day is now Friday at 9:30pm for each respective region
Note: The default day is a suggested day/time when to have the match take place if both teams can't agree on a date. You are still able to schedule the match any time during the week as long as you submit score/logs before Saturday at 11:59pm EST.
⦁ The home team must test the match server at least a day before that week's match to be sure that everything is working properly.
⦁ If neither team can acquire logs after the match ends, then a screenshot with the final score with at least one person from each team must be posted in match comms instead (we don't recomend this since other issues may come up).

You can see the map schedule here
If you need help with team creation and league signup, you can check out our help articles or contact us in the #help channel in our Discord server.