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SFM by Dirtbomb

Signups for Ready Steady Pan season 3 are finally open! We're very excited for all the frying pan action throughout the season, but one thing you may be asking yourself is "where do I signup?". The website is open for team and user registration over at, where you can also look for teams and players on the forums.
The signup date for teams starts on October 1st and ends on October 15th, so be sure to get your teams ready for the ultimate pandemonium that is Ready Steady Pan!

For those who are new:
Ready Steady Pan is a semi-competitive league involving the frying pan as the only damage dealing weapon allowed. After two overwhelmingly successful seasons, and after a “short” hiatus (yeah, we know), we have returned for Season 3, thanks to /dev/zero for a massive help with Citadel framework support.

What about the medals you may ask? We know that everyone loves medals and we did everything we could to provide high quality pins for both participants and winners. However, it's always up to Valve to decide if we are getting those cool green-framed items in the game, so we won't make promises. But we can say that the medals are finished and waiting for approval in the Steam Workshop.

If you want to connect with others participating in the season or want to get in contact with the many helpers that are volunteering, you can check out our discord server below.

Art by HeroArt110

picture by HeroArt110

We'd like to thank everyone for participating and congratulate players on their placements in Season 3.
Meet the finalists - a honorable army of 9 teams wielding pans and a strong desire for victory!


  1. :B1:
  2. opi eSports v5.0
  3. Eats, Pans and leaves


  1. The Silence of the Pans
  2. Ye paN
  3. Anime Is Bad eSports


  1. Texas Cheese Fries
  2. huge dinosaur attacks japan
  3. The Knights of Nye

If you missed the finals, you can always check out the stream VODs (generously provided by KritzKast,, Sir and Lady Stranger) by clicking on the region name in the table above.

Thanks to everyone who helped in making this season a reality. We almost died, yet came back from the dead after the first Season 3 announcement. And now we are all set for the future seasons. We have a lot of pans, including expanding to the South America region, and we need your help to make Ready Steady Pan a better league.
Feel like there is something that should be changed? Share your impressions and give feedback? We made a survey that covers most of the controversial points of the league.

Throughout 11 weeks we had:

  • 1740 users registered
  • 192 teams created
  • 461 matches played
  • 1337 match comms submitted (awesome!)
  • 80 finalists
  • 262 playoffs participants

But wait, what about the medals? Yes, we know, it’s been a while since the end of the season and you all want those green backpack icons, right?
We want to give all those 906 medals away as much as you want to have them. But right now we have to hold the distribution until the next TF2 patch comes out. As soon as the patch is there, be ready to receive a medal.

As always, stay tuned for the future news in our Discord server.

~The Ready Steady Pan team

image by the mighty 200

Howdy folks,
Congratulations to the teams that have made it this far! As the regular season is now over, playoffs start this week. Playoffs this season will be double elimination, best of 3. Each team in the playoffs will be scheduled against 2 opponents, if you get 2 losses, you’re out! Wednesday and Saturday are default match days for playoffs, but matches can be played in any reasonable amount of time before the default day (which means that for your first game the deadline is Wednesday).

The playoffs consist of the top 16 teams in both NA and EU.

NA brackets | EU brackets

You can start scheduling your matches now so you'll have a little bit of extra time for your first playoffs match. The default times for playoffs matches will be Wednesday and Saturday, 9:30 PM CEST/ EST.
Please read your match notices carefully, this time we're introducing our players to the pick/ban system, we're sure a lot of panners are already familiar with this one, but please, take a look!

As for the South American and Australian teams - don't be upset, you are free from your duties, except for the top 4 teams that will be facing each other in page playoffs on Friday. Take a break for now, you have deserved it.
(Yes, SA and AU playoffs will occur!)

Let it begin!

image by the mighty 200

The playoffs round 2 is now live!
Be sure to play your matches before the deadline, which is September 19th, Wednesday, 10:30 PM local time
This week you will be facing two opponents.

Teams that lost in the first round proceed to the lower bracket, where they have one more chance to advance.

NA brackets | EU brackets

image by the mighty 200

Congratulations to all the teams that made it this far!

Lower bracket round 3 and semifinals have been generated for all the regions.

Top AU and SA teams directly qualify for the Grand Finals.

Please notice, if you are currently in NA or EU lower bracket, you have to play your match until Wednesday. Semifinalists from all regions have a whole week to schedule and play their matches. Check your match notice for your times and deadlines.

NA brackets | EU brackets

image by the mighty 200

A new playoff round is here... for lower bracket participants!
This may be your last chance to climb to the upper bracket and face undefeated teams.

Semifinalists still have their time until Saturday 29th.

NA brackets | EU brackets

image by the mighty 200

The last tiny step for NA and EU. A clash of SA and AU titans.
Please pay attention to your match notices.
Top teams from EU and NA will still have to wait until the next week because of the Tip of The Hats weekends break.

NA brackets | EU brackets

Artwork by HeroArt110
picture by HeroArt110

The time has come. Since June 18th you have been violently fighting with pans on your way to victory.
931 players, 162 teams, 4 regions all around the world have been assembling into teams of 6 dedicated panners once a week. Thank you for your dedication, we hope you did have fun and learned something new.

Without further ado, meet the Season 4 champions:


  1. huge dinosaur attacks japan
  2. Texas Cheese Fries
  3. Bananas in Pajamas


  1. The Silence of the Pans
  2. Whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es
  3. P A H A N B O Y S


  1. :B1:
  2. The Jew Kitchen
  3. chiken


  1. RudDaH Tapetes™
  2. panela do ksz
  3. Judios anonimos

We're constantly trying to improve Ready Steady Pan. We know that sometimes things can go wrong and we need your opinion on this! Please fill out this form to help us make the league a better place. You are also welcome to come and say something in the #feedback channel in our Discord server.

We would like to thank all of the community volunteers who have helped us with the logistics, match disputing, artwork, casting and promotional materials. We deeply appreciate all the support that comes from our partners:,, CPU Servers, KritzKast, and other communities who helped us to make sure we have a reliable infrastructure and proper coverage.

And yes, the last but not the least - the medals! If you are reading this post, a little shiny pin may already be in your backpack!
If you don't have one but believe you should have gotten it - please go to our Discord server and see the latest pinned message in #help channel.