Game Servers

Many of our players don't have servers to play on. To be able to play an official match, we need to ensure we have server sponsors and donators at all times. We will always welcome those who allow us to rent or use their servers to host our configs, plugins, and maps. If you're interested and have a server located in North America, the European region, or Australia/New Zealand, don't hesitate to message the staff in our Discord.

Prize Pool

We have never had a prize pool before, so we're a bit skeptical we'll get one going for Season 3. That being said, if you want to donate keys, items, hats, what have you to a prize pool, we won't say no. We don't have a bot for donations or anything, and we're wary about trade offers and scammers, so for now please just post in the Discord's #help channel and we'll add the names of your items to the "potential prizes" pool.


I feel a bit awkward writing this, so I'll at least tell it bare. I spent over $100 of my own money hosting, testing, writing, securing, and deploying this website. It costs me about USD$15 each month to run (database server, production server) with reoccuring costs each year. I'm doing it to ensure Ready Steady Pan becomes a success; I'll never ask for money for my services. That being said, I'm a typical poor college student. If you want to throw random things my way, I'll do my best to send a cheeky thx over the wire.