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For General Enquiries

We answer all questions about the nature of Ready Steady Pan on the Ready Steady Pan Discord channel. Such enquiries may have already been answered in our help articles, FAQ's, and other resources, so please check on our website before adding us to chat. That being said, our staff will get to you as soon as we can if you have a pressing query.

For League Support

We have three dedicated teams located in North America, all across Europe, and in the Australasian region ready to help teams and players with any problems they may have. We exclusively live on Discord in the #help channel, so @mention us or DM us to get our attention.

To Be a Part of Our Community

Discord is where all the staff, content creators, team leaders, players, chefs, and pan enthusiasts live. Team Fortress 2 is primarily a game fueled by the passion of its community (especially recently), so we would love to reflect that in our channel. Come join in while also receiving priority news, updates, sneak peeks, resources, and help.

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Legacy Announcements

The Ready Steady Pan team first posts a blog post which propagates to the appropriate newslists (email), then a link to Discord, finally to a Steam announcement. It is far more efficient to view our blog occasionally and receive emails from Ready Steady Pan on updates, but for those who want to receive the in-game announcements and notifications, the Steam group is available.

As a Last Resort

The Official Ready Steady Pan Steam groups do contain all of the staff, but is barely updated compared to our website and Discord. Staff are more likely to respond when you message them over Discord, as you do not need to add them. Still, if a staff member is not available, finding their profile on Steam is an acceptable last resort.


Reporting errors

If you find a problem with the website and your first thought is to report it to me, you are an amazing human being. If you find any errors, bugs, or issues, please ping @200#8646 or @paced#8700 on Discord with a full description. Ensure that these errors are not fatal to the integrity to the league. If you have concerns about publicly announcing a problem with the site, send one of us a direct message instead.