Double Elimination

Double elimination is a confusing thing. We hope that this explanation makes it less confusing. For those who don’t know how a double eliminations bracket works, this article is for you. For everybody else, it’s the same system you already are familiar with (e.g.: in UGC playoffs).

Note:This system only applies to playoffs at the end of the regular season, where the top 16 teams of each region play off against each other to win placements.

Rounds in playoffs consist of:

R1, R1L, R2, R2L, R3, R3L, R3L2, R4, R4L, R4L2, R5, R5L2

We will use this notation to denote “a game that is played.

Assume match days of Tuesday and Thursday (to make things easier, actual match dates might be different).

Week 1 Tuesday:

  • R1 = 16 teams seeded, 8 go to the lower brackets.

Week 1 Thursday:

  • R1L = 8 teams, 4 are eliminated.

End of week 1: 8 teams in upper brackets, 4 in lower.

Week 2 Tuesday:

  • R2 = 8 teams seeded, 4 go to lower brackets.

Week 2 Thursday:

  • R2L = 4 existing teams are matched individually with the losers in R2, four teams are eliminated.

End of week 2: 4 teams in upper bracket, 4 teams still in lower bracket.

Week 3 Tuesday:

  • R3 = 4 teams seeded, two are sent to lower brackets.

Week 3 Thursday:

  • R3L = 4 teams in lower brackets, play each other, two are eliminated.

End of week 3: 2 teams in upper bracket, 4 in lower bracket.

Week 4 Tuesday:

  • R3L2 = The 2 winners of R3L play the 2 losers of R3, two teams are eliminated.

  • R4 = 2 teams seeded, one team is sent to lower brackets.

Week 4 Thursday:

  • R4L = Two existing teams in lower brackets play each other, loser is eliminated.

  • Lower bracket finals! The fight for 3rd place.

  • Best of three!

  • An admin will choose a pool of 5 maps.

  • The Home team will veto one of the maps. That map cannot be picked.

  • The Away team will veto another map.

  • The Home team picks the first map from the remaining pool. This map will be played first.

  • The Away team picks the second map from the remaining pool. This map will be played second.

  • The last remaining map will be played as a tiebreaker if there is a third game.

End of week 4: 1 team remains in upper bracket (undefeated), 2 teams exist in lower brackets.

Week 5 Tuesday:

  • R4L2: The loser of R4 plays the last remaining team in the lower brackets. The loser is eliminated.

  • These are the semifinals.

  • Best of one.

  • This isn’t fighting for a placement (both teams win placements) so it’s just a regular match.

Week 5 Thursday:

  • R5 = the undefeated team plays the last team.

  • These are the finals! The winner takes all... unless the winner is the team with one loss already.

  • Best of three!

  • R5L = the two teams play again.

  • Winner takes all for real!

  • Best of one!

  • Teams play on the People’s Choice map.

End of week 5: winner, runner up is announced.