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Help for New Team Leaders

Anybody who can organise five other people together can apply to be a Team Leader by creating a team. Likewise, you can promote other members on your team to Team Leader, which adds a few other responsibilities. This help document will hopefully make those responsibilities clear!

Building Your Team

Your team will require at least five people (including yourself) before you will be allowed to set yourself to “Ready.” This is not a five vs. five competition, however, so you are strongly requested to have six players at least ready for all games. You are allowed three “substitute” players to be rostered in case your “main” players cannot make games. Note that Ready Steady Pan makes no distinction between a main player and a substitute player; everybody is a “team member.”

Match Communication

Match communication is mandatory before any matchup! Without them, we have no evidence of a match being played when it is reported. This would be “fine” if it weren’t for the possibility of match disputes. Please just give us something simple: a “time/place” and “confirmed” message are all we need from both teams.

An Away team will need a “connect string” before a match, so provide it on Steam, in the comms, or in some other chat. If you are the Home team, you must provide this information in some way!

Note: your match comms are not encrypted and you cannot edit or delete messages after sending them! Don’t provide any sensitive information.

Email Notices

As a Team Leader, you are placed on a “mailing list” to our system that will give you a feed on important rule changes, next week’s matchups, and important news that may or may not be reflected on our blog/the Steam Group. We require at least one person on your team to read these, as staying on top of news and changes is important to stay active in the league.


Please have an easy way to contact all of your players. We suggest getting to know them outside of Ready Steady Pan in order to build as much team coherence as possible. When it comes to match time, many times your players may have forgotten and not be able to play, which is not a good sign. It is jointly your, and your team members’, responsibilities to know when match times are, as not everybody will check the website every day.

My favourite way to let people know about a match or scrim is to message them as soon as the match fixtures are out, message them the night before the match, message them an hour before the match, then message them right before the match to join a voice chat channel. If your players do not respond, assume they have not read your message. Just keep the messages brief, don’t spam people, and you should be well organised!

Players will also need a “connect string” and voice chat login details (if you’re not using Discord) to be able to play, so provide those details at least once to everybody before each match.

Voice Chat

We strongly suggest using the Discord desktop client for voice communication. It is free to create a server, fast, and easy to use for admins, team leaders, and players.

If you cannot use Discord for all players for whatever reason, or prefer a different client, we suggest Mumble, an open-source, fast, high-quality VoIP. However, you will need a server (most likely paid) to host your voice channel.

Other voice chat programs include TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. We strongly suggest against using anything else (particularly Skype) to host voice chat. We even more strongly suggest that you don’t use in-game voice chat for communications of any kind.

Player Misconduct

RSP uses individual infractions to punish players, not teams, if the player is the only one to have broken rules. We will not notify an entire team if a player earns an infraction, but these infractions are publicly visible on all player profiles. You may want to manage this misconduct in your own ways, like kicking them from the team or just giving them a stern talking to and a smack on the bum.

We will, however, strongly punish all the players on a team if they are aware of and allow a player to play with third-party clients and cheats. We may also, when appropriate, apply infractions to all players in a team (but I doubt we’ll need to do this).

Reporting Score

Only the Team Leader role can report the score of a game after it has ended. Specifically, the team who has won is the only team that can report the scores of both teams. Go to the website, select My Team, go to My Match and click Report Score. Type in the scores of both teams and a brief communication message to confirm. The staff will eventually go over all of these confirmations to ensure everything is O.K. before giving you next week’s fixtures.

That’s it! As always, happy panning!